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Mud, mud, mud

Finally the rain has stopped and we can dry out a little.  Not the perfect time to be digging storm drains, building a car park AND landscaping around the library simultaneously!

Welcome to Damian

Damian has been hired as Prof Dodsworth's Brewing Assistant, although his apprenticeship involves being a "Jack of all trades" (not unlike Prof Dods himself).  Here he is working in the brewery, not exactly brewing, rather fixing rondo battons to the roof ready to receive the last bits of fireline gib.

Getting started

We've been collecting a lot of stuff to make the new building out of. The backbone of The Laboratory will be a set of trusses salvaged from the demolition of the old Wards Brewery on Fitzgerald Ave (behind Pomeroys), old sash windows, doors, a staircase and even the bar counter from the Hororata Hotel.


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