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Still shopping

Checking out the latest purchase from Southern Demolition, hardwood beams for repurposing as.........don't know what yet, just couldn't resist them!  The builders are starting to wonder just what will turn up next.

The bombshell

Our builder went into liquidation today.  The article below appeared in The Press, a now familiar Christchurch story: another building firm goes down.  This time it's ours.  We are looking at our options in terms of getting this project moving forward again.  We are not giving up and we know you are behind us all the way.  Check in here for updates, or sign up to our newsletter for the latest news

Up in the loft

Reclaimed rimu floorboards from Southern Demolition on the mezzanine floor and 100yr old sarking from a demolished Papanui school house lines the roof in the courtyard area

Soldiering on

Well we've worked through our options and the best way forward is for us to manage this project ourselves, keeping on the sub-contractors already involved with the project.  So buoyed up with community energy and support we hope to get this thing over the line before we all die of thirst!  So work has continued over recent days with brick splitting , mezzanine floorboard laying  and sarking lining of the courtyard being the main activities - see photos below.  We hope to see bricklayers back on site this week after they were distracted by another job (!) and the electricians are crawling al

Ruben's Joinery

A sneaky look into our carpenter's workshop near Springston: the back bar for the Hororata horseshoe bar counter is taking shape, recycled (of course) timbers are replacing the old melamine carcass.  Just the countertop to go, then all will need to be dismantled to transport to The Laboratory and be reconstructed on site.  Although that's a little way off yet.

Bricks going UP

Brickwork on the east side of the building edging up to the soffits.  This shows the pair of double hung sash windows in the classroom (aka function room) - old bricks are looking fabulous.

Bricklaying Update

The brickies are starting to get to the cool detail parts of the job (photos cunningly taken so you can't see too much of the mess all around!)  Double hung sash windows in the main bar await final inspection and finishing off with wooden beading.  Window sills still 'work in progress'


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