The first tank is in!

We are planning a heat recovery system to store the energy extracted from brewery/kitchen cool rooms in the form of warm water ready for the next brew.  This 1200Lt  tank will act like a water 'battery' up in the malt store and supply pre-warmed water to the hot liquor tank in the brewhouse below.  It needed to be winched in before the brewery roof goes on.

Windows at the ready

We've had the call, builders need windows and bricks!  So we are swinging into action, brickies arrive tomorrow and plan to start with the east wall (the one that edges on to the library back entrance pathway) so windows for the function room and toilets were taken down to the site today.  Another milestone!

Roof Shout!

Ian just checking out the first pour (of many!) with Martin.  Meanwhile Lisa's parents, Ann and Geoff, beaver away in the background preparing the barbeque in anticipation of starving hordes that did in fact eventuate, despite the southerly blast that always seems to arrive by tradition exactly half an hour before a Laboratory party.  Thanks to all our friends and followers who came to help us celebrate - we had a blast!


The bombshell

Our builder went into liquidation today.  The article below appeared in The Press, a now familiar Christchurch story: another building firm goes down.  This time it's ours.  We are looking at our options in terms of getting this project moving forward again.  We are not giving up and we know you are behind us all the way.  Check in here for updates, or sign up to our newsletter for the latest news


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