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Hand Crafted Real Ales

The word revolution has several meanings. Most often, it used in the sense of an upheaval or jolt to the status quo. Alternatively, the mechanically-minded among us might sooner think of a complete circle around an axis, such as that which occurs in an automobile engine several thousand times per minute. With regard to the dramatic changes in beer culture that have taken place in the last decade, perhaps either definition applies. While certainly there is evidence galore of a shifting paradigm, many at the forefront are simply advocating a return to the same techniques that produced quality beer for thousands of years.The latter philosophy would certainly resonate at The Laboratory.  One characteristic feature of the ‘real ale’ movement, as this philosophy is known, is the refusal to add external carbonation. Twisted Hop ales and stouts, the flagships of The Laboratory’s beer list, finish their fermentation in the barrel from which they are served, meaning that all carbonation is naturally produced and freshly delivered. Furthermore the beer is not filtered, which means less dilution of flavour and aroma. That said, there is more to beer than aroma and flavour. What good is better beer without great friends with whom to share it!? With the bulk of production off-site at The Twisted Hop Brewery, The Laboratory brewery is free to experiment with a number of avenues for community involvement in their brewing process. In the works already is a Lincoln University beer, which is projected to trigger a sizable boost in University enrolment, if perhaps not attendance. Likewise, The Laboratory’s collaborations with other breweries will keep studious Lincolnites on top of the latest trends in craft brewing. If, on the other hand, you happen to subscribe to the belief that a beer is a beer, maybe the food will sway you!

Beer Menus

We always serve a few of the Laboratory beers brewed on site, and always have a good range of Twisted Hop beers, both on handpump and on the fizzy taps.  We try to always offer a Lager, a Pilsner, a Wheat Beer,  a Bitter, a Stout or a Porter, an IPA, two ciders and a low alcohol beer.

Our prices vary depending on the beer's strength.

Below are example prices for a 568ml Pint; 436ml Stem Glass; 284ml Half

  Pint Stem Half
Lower Alcohol Beers 2.5% - 3.7% £9 £7.5 £5
Twisted Hop - Challenger ESB 5% £10 £8 £6
Twisted Hop - Hop Back IPA 5.8% £11 £9 £7
The Laboratory Heferweizen 5.5% £11 £9 £7
Twisted Hop Sauvin Pilsner 5% £10 £8 £6
The Laboratory Biere de Garde 8.3% £13 £10 £8
Peckhams Ciders £11 £9 £7

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Harry’s Light £7
Enigma Barley Wine £12
Beverages in Abundance

The Laboratory, while having beer worthy of any craft beer aficionado, also has a thirst quenching range of beverages for those that prefer not to drink beer. These include a full range of Wines, Spirits, Malt Whiskies, Ports, Liqueurs, and of course Coffee and Tea available at all times, you can view our current range below.

Drinks Menus

Our tap wines are served in a larger measure to refect the cost savings made by avoiding all that expensive bottling and labelling.

  200ml Glass Half Carafe 1Ltr Carafe
Rossendale Sauvignon Blanc £8 £17.5 £35
Scott Base Pino Gris  £10 £22.5 £45
Rossendale Pinot Noir  9 20 40

Prices for a 150ml Glass; 750ml Bottle

  Glass Bottle
Bladen Sauvignon Blanc £9.5 £45
Jules Taylor Sauvignon Blank  £10 £47.7
Te Awanga Chardonnay  £10.5 £50
MIsty Cove Chardonnay  £11.5 £55
Georges Road Pinot Gris  £10.5 £50
Locharburn Riesling  £10 £47.5
Rua Pinot  Rose  £10 £47.5
Frexinet Sparlking, 200ml or 750ml  £10 £45
Chapel Hill Shiraz  £9 £45
Katnook Merlot  £9 £45
Te Awana MerlotCabFranc £10.5 £50
Geoff Merrill ShirazGrenMourv £11 £55
Locharburn Pinot Noir  £12 £57.5
Karma Cola £5
Lemmy Lemonade £5
Gingerella £5
Lemon, Lime & Bitters £6
Raspberry & Coke / Lemonade  £5
Aroha Juices  
Apple & Pear £5
Sparlking Feijoa £5
Aroha Cordials  
Rhubarb £4.5
Ginger Lemon & Honey £4.5
Elderflower £4.5
Orange / Cranberry £5
Tomato / Pineapple  £5

LAB £1 = NZ $1.


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