Telephone Box Doors

As steeped as the new brewery is in Canterbury lore, these ‘telephone box’ doors are a firm nod to The Laboratory’s British roots. Flaunting the “currant red” colour and finely paned windows of the traditional British telephone box, these doors are to serve as a portal between the bar and the courtyard spaces. They were salvaged from a Christchurch school, and are also notable for their uneven dimensions and wheelchair accessibility.

Brewery Doors

In the 19th century heyday of Christchurch’s textile industry, these doors would have opened and closed like the beat of a heart to allow for the passage of goods and materials. This tradition continued when the Twisted Hop Real Ale Brewpub opened in Poplar Lane. After a full year of post-earthquake uncertainty, CERA allowed us access to the red zoned site to retrieve infrastructure and equipment from the soon-to-be demolished building.

Toilet Doors

Long a canvas for poetry and sordid revelations, the toilet doors have been honourably discharged from duty at the swimming pool changing rooms of St. Martin’s Primary School. All attempts have been made to rub off swear words with pencil. Former aspiring writers from there should see The Laboratory staff, for assistance with alleviating sorrows.


A century’s worth of sunny afternoons and sideways gales have etched themselves into this vintage rimu timber.  You can imagine the satisfied, if maybe a little skeptical, smile of the Rakaia farmer upon hearing that his Grandfather’s weatherboard was destined for a new life in Lincoln. Luckily for us, with the help of the good people of Silvan Salvage, these boards said goodbye to giant salmon and hello to barley and hops. 


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